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    • Tue 6/9/2020: City Council meeting
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    • Sat 6/20/2020: Chandler Fire Department Annual Golf Tournament

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Who will pay the hotel tax?

Out-of-towners who visit the community and spend the night in a lodging facility (motel, bed and breakfast Inn, etc.) located in Chandler; local residents will not pay the tax unless they rent a room.

Why do we need the hotel tax?

This kind of tax, also called a lodging tax, is widely accepted as a good way to fund tourism promotion. Most cities throughout the state levy such a tax.  Tourism and travel dollars are important to the local economy.  The goal is to attract more visitors to Chandler which in turn will benefit our lodging facilities as well as other businesses.

How will the money from the tax be used?

As specified in the City ordinance, hotel tax revenues shall be used exclusively to promote tourism and economic development and to administer the tax. Hotel tax collections and expenditures will be accounted for separately in the City’s budget.

What process will be used to allocate the funds?

After evaluating Chandler’s current tourism and economic development needs and taking into consideration requests, the City Manager will decide what will best benefit the citizens and businesses of Chandler. As with all expenditures of City funds the City Manager is accountable to the Chandler City Council.

How much is the tax?

Six percent will be added to the price of a room.  This amount is in line with what other cities charge.  For example, the tax on a $50 room would be $3.00.

Who will collect the tax?

The lodging facilities’ operators will collect the tax and remit it to the City of Chandler.  This is the same collection process that is used by other cities in the state.

How much revenue will the tax generate?

Approximately $25,000 – $30,000 per year.  It is anticipated that the revenue will increase over time as more tourists and travelers are encouraged to visit and spend the night in Chandler.