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    • Tue 9/22/2020: First Day of Fall
    • Mon 9/28/2020: Chandler's Birthday
    • Tue 10/6/2020: Chandler Area Chamber of Commerce Board meeting
    • Mon 10/12/2020: Lincoln County Courthouse closed

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  • City Hall
    • 405.258.3200
  • Chandler Chamber of Commerce
    • 405.258.0673
  • Police Department
    • 405.258.1460
  • Fire Department
    • 405.258.3208
  • Code Enforcement
    • 405.258.3213
  • Lincoln County Sheriff
    • 405.258.1191


Q. How can I burn inside the city limits?

A. You can request a burn permit by calling, 258-3208 or by coming to the Fire Department.


Q. When is the best time to burn?

A. Burning should be done between daybreak and dusk, when the wind is less than 5 mph, and when the vegetation is green and the humidity is high.


Q. Is a burn permit required for brush pile burning if I live outside the city limits?

A. No. But to avoid the Fire Department from responding unnecessarily, before you burn you should call the Fire Deptartment at 258-3208 or the Police Dept. at 258-1460 to report the location, time of burn, and your call back number.


Q. When can I burn off pasture land?

A. Pasture land burning should be done as a prescribed burn. You must obtain a prescribed burn permit through the Fire Deptartment by calling at 258-3208 or the N.R.C. at 258-1405


Q. What is a Red Flag Alert?

A. It is when a certain area i.e. city, county or state has been placed under an extreme fire danger and open burning is discouraged. To find out there is a Red Flag alert you can contact the local fire dept. or click here.


Q. How can I become a Volunteer Firefighter?

A. Fill out an application at City Hall or the Fire Deptartment. We have positions open from time to time.