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    • Tue 9/22/2020: First Day of Fall
    • Mon 9/28/2020: Chandler's Birthday
    • Tue 10/6/2020: Chandler Area Chamber of Commerce Board meeting
    • Mon 10/12/2020: Lincoln County Courthouse closed

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Museum of Pioneer History

The Lincoln County Historical Society, chartered in 1954, has maintained the Museum of Pioneer History through the years in efforts to preserve the past for all present and future generations.  The collections include county wide photographs and artifacts from families dating back to before the land run of 1891.The Genealogy and Historical Research departments of the museum boosts microfilm and hard files of events, businesses, families, military and general history of the entire county going back to the Spanish American War.

The museum is housed in the Mascho-Murphy Building at 717 and 719 Manvel.  Considered the oldest county commercial unaltered building still in use, the 1897-1898 Mascho buildings are listed by the National Register of Historic Places.  Built by pioneer grocer A.E. Mascho immediately after a tornado leveled the original town of Chandler in 1897 the twin buildings served as grocery and “racket” stores until the mid 1970 when it was converted into the Lincoln County Historical Society Museum.

In 2004 the museum incorporated the Olson- Crain building at 721 Manvel where the Children’s Historical Resource Center is located.  The CHRC now host the Ms. Fay Historical Marionette shows each year for school groups and public shows.  Directed by and staring master puppeteer Joann McMillan as Ms. Fay, Oklahoma history comes alive with hand crafted marionettes of famous Oklahomans like William “Bill” Tilghman, Kate Barnard, Wyle Post, Will Rogers, Heck the Horse, former governors and so many more.

The teaching practices of Miss Fay Armstrong are still being put to use today, making Oklahoma history come to life through puppetry. Follow this LINK for more information.

The second floor galleries celebrate the people of Lincoln County from statehood to the present.

The adventure begins in the Lincoln county Hall of Heroes.  Here the sacrifices and bravery of our military men and women are honored.  Starting with the first National Guard Encampment in Chandler and moving through American conflicts to the War in Iraq, travel through the heart-stopping challenges of war and brutal realities of battle.

In our children’s gallery, see how generations played, learned and grew in Lincoln County.  Sit in on a lesson in our classroom or let the kids run free in our Hands on History room next door.  Everything in this area is 100% kid friendly.

Next see Bennie Kent’s Photography Studio.  Bennie, originally from England, was the first to document Oklahoma with motion pictures.  His revolutionary work preserved for all time the earliest history of Lincoln County.

For more information on the Museum of Pioneer History, click here.