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    • Tue 9/22/2020: First Day of Fall
    • Mon 9/28/2020: Chandler's Birthday
    • Tue 10/6/2020: Chandler Area Chamber of Commerce Board meeting
    • Mon 10/12/2020: Lincoln County Courthouse closed

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  • City Hall
    • 405.258.3200
  • Chandler Chamber of Commerce
    • 405.258.0673
  • Police Department
    • 405.258.1460
  • Fire Department
    • 405.258.3208
  • Code Enforcement
    • 405.258.3213
  • Lincoln County Sheriff
    • 405.258.1191


The Chandler Municipal Court has jurisdiction for all violations of City of Chandler ordinances.  Once a month the judge hears and decides cases for citations and warrants issued by the Chandler Police Department.

COURT Frequently Asked Questions

How much is my fine?

Call the Court Clerk at City Hall, 405-258-3200

How can I pay my fine?

In person, by mail or online:  Cash, Personal Check, Cashier’s Check, Debit Card, or Credit Card.

When is Court?

Court is held the first Thursday of the month at 3 pm.  Trial court begins at 3:30 pm.

Do I need an attorney?

No, but you can have one if you choose.

Can I pay my fine without having to appear in court?


Can I reschedule my court date?

Yes, your court date can be continued one time by the Court Clerk.  Any other continuances or any change in your trial court date must be decided by the judge.

What happens if I fail to appear in court or fail to pay a traffic ticket?

If a ticket remains unpaid more than 15 days after a scheduled court date, a warrant will be issued and a request for suspension of your driver’s license may be made to the Department of Public Safety.

Who is the Municipal Judge and who is the City Attorney?

The Honorable James Hodgens and Larry Lenora, Attorney of Law