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    • Tue 2/25/2020: Lincoln County Spring Livestock Show
    • Tue 3/3/2020: President Primary Election
    • Tue 3/3/2020: Chandler Area Chamber of Commerce Board meeting
    • Fri 3/6/2020: Chandler Legislative Breakfast

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  • City Hall
    • 405.258.3200
  • Chandler Chamber of Commerce
    • 405.258.0673
  • Police Department
    • 405.258.1460
  • Fire Department
    • 405.258.3208
  • Code Enforcement
    • 405.258.3213
  • Lincoln County Sheriff
    • 405.258.1191

Code Enforcement

Example Code Violations

The Code Enforcement Officer receives and investigates complaints concerning code violations, public nuisances (including weeds, trash, neglected property, erosion control, etc.) and prepares required reports, abatement notices and other documentation necessary to satisfactorily remedy or resolve problems identified. Investigation may include interviewing, record searches, site examination, ownership documents, citations, and appearance as witness at court or board meetings.

The Code Enforcement Officer tours city jurisdiction, including public and commercial buildings to detect unapproved or non-compliant construction, public nuisances, use violations, unhygienic or hazardous conditions. He also initiates appropriate corrective action and conducts follow-up inspections.

When required, the Code Enforcement Officer inspects commercial and residential construction and remodeling projects during their various phases to insure compliance with applicable building, zoning and safety codes, ordinances, and approved plans.

He also responds to questions concerning the interpretation, the requirements and procedures prescribed by applicable codes, ordinances and laws pertaining to assigned code enforcement responsibilities. The Code Enforcement Officer encourages public awareness of most applicable city codes and ordinances, through active participation in City sponsored public information forums.